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What Did We Do With $2 Million?

When you want to figure out the secrets of human chemistry like we did, you pump it into funding research. We spent 7 years with the world's most remarkable researchers figuring out how people make long-lasting relationships. With amazing results from our studies, now we know! And we want to share it with you. 

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Patrick & Jerry

Founder and chief visionary, Tony is the driving force behind Company. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of the software, marketing and the Customer Experience strategies.

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Erin & Mark

Mich loves taking on challenges. With his multi-year experience as Commercial Director in the software industry, Mich has helped Company to get where it is today. Mich is among the best minds.

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Jiao & Simone

Aline is one of the iconic person in life who can say she loves what she does. She mentors 100+ in-house developers and looks after the community of over thousands developers.

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Allan & Iris